Air System Advice

The means of our work is that customer’s factory can have appropriate air compressed system and its improvement. Our goal is not at our side, it always should be at customer side. To accomplish our means, we provide the following works.
They are provided in free of charge basically, if any material or outsourcing cost are not occurred. Please feel free to contact us. We provide the detailed information of our work.

[For existing factory]

1. Investigate current condition of air compressed system
– Visit factory site and check the condition of air compressed system
– Use special equipment to measure running condition of products
– Clarify current condition with specific figures and find out points to be improved

2. Report to a customer
– Report current condition of air compressed system
– Explain solution to improve current system. The points of view should be ;
I. How to cut energy cost of air compressor which usually consume big volume electricity
II. How to protect production machine inside factory from oil and water
III. How to improve air compressed system to keep it for a long time including maintenance

[For new factory (planned building)]

1. Select necessary product for air compressed system
– Discuss with a customer and know specification of product in details
– Offer appropriate products according to each customer’s requirement. The products should be air compressor, dryer, filter, air tank and other related products including air piping etc.,. The information is also useful for both user and construction company which has duty to make efficient air compressed system.
– Work should be done at the points of view to maintain stabilized production and cut energy cost

2. Advise layout of air compressed system and necessary material

– Provide layout of air compressed system including air piping inside factory
– Chose appropriate material for good condition at the point of view of cutting energy cost and production
– Provide the information which is useful for construction company so that it can just follow

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