KOBELCO Energy Saving

1. Basic information

“Air compressor consumes more than 20 % of total electricity of factory”

In standard production factory, air compressor consumes 20-25% of total electricity cost.
If you can reduce it by 15%, it should be equal to cutting 2~3% of total energy expense.
Volume of electricity of use varies, it depends on type of factory. There is possibly to cut the expense more than above.
You can check the total monthly electricity cost with the bill.
However, even its expense is huge, it is difficult to check the portion of air compressor usage.
Then, you have to consider the way to cut it by yourself. It is also difficult issue for factory, even it’s important.
Improving efficiency on using compressed air is one of the closest way for energy saving.

2. Implement Energy Saving

Investigate current status                

It is important for implementing cutting energy to know the current status of the usage.
However, it is difficult to evaluate actual volume of air loss and expense with figures.
Then, KOBELCO started working on it and provide detailed data with the experience of measuring more than 3000 factories.
It is for all compressor users with any brands of compressors.
Offering specific consultation to customers, we contribute to energy saving.

-Subjects to be known by KOBELCO’s “Energy Cutting Method”-                                           

  1. Actual air usage, expense of electricity
  2. Pressure loss (It makes compressor work more than actual demand.)
  3. Change of air pressure on production line
  4. Volume of air leakage
  5. Running status and load level of air compressor

Plan of energy saving

We measure load status of air compressor and provide the information on each measurement day.
You can understand how factory uses compressor.
In addition, we analyze the information and find out problem with much of experience.
Offering consultation of improvement is the final step during this work.
We believe solution plan of KOBELCO should be helpful and lead to actual result with specific figures.


With the result of “Energy Saving Method” by KOBELCO, you can implemet the effcienet improvement on electricity expense.
We show detailed plan of it and cooperate with you to get actual result.

We, KOBELCO, always would like to provide effcient advice to make customer factory better and better.
This is one of the most important work of us together with providing products.
Please feel free to contact to us.

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